13 MARCH 2019    11PM

Amos just told me we should not eat for 3 days.

To be honest when Amos told me that he wanted us to do a no food challenge for 3 days, I thought he was crazy. I didn’t think it was healthy because from what I know, your body needs a certain level of nutrition like vitamins, potassium, fibre, protein etc.. I was super reluctant. He tried to convinced me that it was healthy and it would reset the body, and he showed me this video of someone doing the no food challenge for 5 days:


So after the video I was like ok fine let’s start now lor and he was like no let’s go have a proper meal at HDL the next day (Cuz it was my favourite) before we start proper.

So while I had time to think about the challenge, I did more research on it. This challenge is not something that will help you lose weight in the long run. If you don’t eat for 3 days OF COURSE you will lose some weight cuz your body is running on deficit calories, but the main reasons to do this challenge are:

*STOP YOUR LOVE FOR FOOD (Food obsession, which I definitely have and it is a bad habit cause I eat so much junk)

*Enter Ketosis to allow your body to use fat as energy. Generally, Ketosis occurs when the body is metabolizing fat at a high rate and converting fatty acids into ketones. So this is an accelerated way of entering Ketosis, if you do Keto diet, Ketosis will come in at about 1 week. Ketosis will come in at day 2 if you start fasting. (I personally think Keto is not efficient for Sgporeans cuz we love our food and it tends to backfire….. so back to the first point on stopping food obsession)


ALSO, I DON’T THINK YOU SHOULD FAST IF YOU ARE UNDERWEIGHT (Which I am not) and at this point regardless of what I have read, I don’t find it healthy still, but I am going to do it because Amos told me that I wouldn’t be able to do it and my ego is fuelling me to complete it.

Let’s see if I really get to experience what this fast is supposed to do for my body or not.

Feeling nervous and excited now, and mostly scared if I die halfway.

14 Mar 2019   9PM IT BEGINS

3AM I am beginning to feel a little hungry like all my food have digested, normally at this time if I am hungry I will order Mcdelivery which is so bad for me hahahaha but ok 3 nights no Mcdelivery, shouldn’t be a problem.

5AM Just ended my last game of DOTA and feeling pretty fine, small hunger pangs but shall sleep it off. Dead tired. But still in a good mood!

15 Mar 2019 

9AM Woke up feeling real tired, heading to the doctor’s and coming back home for a nap after

3PM WOW Just woke up from my nap, feel like I want to eat but not sure if it is a routine or if I am really hungry… I definitely feel abit empty but Mobile Legends is keeping me occupied so I don’t think so much about food hahahahah (Wanna slim down play mobile legends competitively)


9PM Having a headache because I have been constantly playing games to keep myself occupied, I am hungry, VERY HUNGRY. AND SUPER ANGSTY. I hate Amos for challenging my ego to do this 3 day fast and I am super annoyed at everything.

230AM I left a DOTA game because I was so annoyed, and my irritation has shot up to a new level. I have never done this before. I am feeling tired, but mostly irritated, hungry and angry. LIKE VERY ANGRY. I AM HATING ON EVERYTHING AND I HAVE NO MOOD TO DO ANYTHING.  I cannot focus, I keep losing at my games, my reaction time is so slow.

4AM I have been trying to sleep for the past 1 hour and I just can’t. I am being very overwhelmed by my emotions now because I feel so fucking sad I cannot eat. It’s this emotional turmoil I have never been through with the lack of food, like a break up and I miss all my food so much. I started crying and thinking why do I have to put myself through this. I know the human mind is capable of stronger things so I become 5 mins positive that I can do this and then back to crying for another 20 mins because I want to eat so bad. Reading about it you may think I have no willpower, but going through it is a different thing. I can totally imagine myself as a backpacker lost in the jungle having nothing to eat. I am scared if I die tomorrow I don’t even get to taste my meefen + chicken wings before I go…. It breaks my focus and my strength, and I already don’t have much left.

16 MAR 2019

2PM Just woke up, both me and Amos couldn’t sleep well… and I feel like I have alot to pen down before I forget but I doubt I ever will forget this experience

I read this article that said that he felt less tired and more energetic on the second day of his 3-days fast and can I just say THAT HE IS BULLSHIT


I am breaking out in cold sweat every 15 mins, my heart is beating so fast I can feel it’s palpitations from every inch of my body, my hands are trembling, I have super low energy as I am writing this, I can feel myself reacting slower (Your brain is using lesser glucose because it is going into starvation mode), I don’t feel good and I don’t want to do this anymore. It is so painful to continue this journey… and I think the reason is because I don’t see a need in doing this….. except for my goddamned EGO

I am super grumpy and jittery (like you are high on caffeine) I don’t even want to film this stupid video or continue this stupid entry and I fking hate Amos for making me do this I want to cut him up and I don’t feel like talking to him whatsoever.

Also, weirdly enough I am also feeling compassion towards sick people. People who have diabetes, who have high blood pressure – The heart palpitations are so scary and uncomfortable. How my dad must have felt when cancer didn’t allow him to eat much during his last few days, the loss of energy and only depending on the power of your mind. It is a very tiring and emotional experience and I would say this is probably the only thing I feel positive about this journey. I am still feeling cold and breaking out in cold sweat as I type this. I also want to throw my laptop at the water bottle beside me because the condensation coming off it is annoying the fuck out of my elbow but my MacBook is a gift from Amos. On second thought I should destroy it since he made me go through this pain.


At this point I am really thinking of quitting this challenge. I for sure know that I will never do this again and I have some pointers that I want to share with you guys. HERE GOES IN CASE I DECIDE TO QUIT IN A FEW HOURS:

Only do this if you feel like you want to feel the benefits of the fast. Amos is taking it quite ok because he is excited to see how his body reacts on the third day, for me? I am excited for it to end. I think that’s why my mind keeps telling me “there’s no point for you to continue if you are suffering so much”, but I am tearing myself apart because my ego is telling me “You know if you quit halfway Amos will start laughing at you right” and I 100% want to prove him wrong but I don’t know if it is worth it to secure my ego anymore

Also I was worried if I do not eat, would it fuck up my gastric cause I remember skipping lunch last time and my stomach started hurting, but weirdly enough…… I didn’t feel any gastric pain. Your mind is amazing in telling your body LOOK I AM PURPOSELY DOING A FAST SO DON’T NEED TO TELL ME I HAVE NO FOOD INSIDE ME, I KNOW I DON’T.

You will not lose weight in the long run. I am sure I will feast after this fast and this fast only makes me feel like food is so precious and that I am losing something precious. FOR ME, it is making me more obsessed with food. I for sure lost some weight like 1-2kg, but for that 1-2 kg? This torturous process is SO NOT WORTH IT. Plus I know I will eat so much more after this fast… so what’s the point?

However…. if you are someone who hates exercise like me… I KINDA recommend you to try this fast because it makes you see exercising in a different light? Like I would rather do a 30 min run on the treadmill to burn calories THAN TO DO THIS FKING BULLCRAP FAST. I am even contemplating to eat a 1000 calories meal now and working off the 1000 calories to minus out so that I still stick to the zero calorie challenge but then there wouldn’t be a point to a FAST. And that’s how desperate it makes you.

The activation of the fight or flight (stress) response usually triggers cold sweats.

So stress produces this thing called CORTISOL, which is the main agent for alot of diseases…. and I am having alot of cold sweat now. I believe my body is producing alot of cortisol and I don’t think I want to continue cause I am stressed out from this challenge, and I don’t want to suddenly develop cancer from the excessive cortisol that my body is producing. But it is only one more day…………….. fuckkkk I need to see this is a more positive light to calm my mind down BUT I CANT BUT OMG THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS I CANT OK


My muscles have been spasming due to low potassium and I have been cold sweating for like 2 hours plus I don’t think it is healthy for me to continue this fast so. I’m gonna be a loser and grab some food…. Amos decided to stop fast with me cause he says we are a team but I choose to believe he cannot also but he act HAHAHAHA AMOS:1 MS & HER EGO: 0




I honestly think this fast did nothing beneficial to me, I lost about 2 kg but the amount that I ate back just now (meefen + chicken wing + 2veg + 1 packet of gummies + 10 bin bin crackers) I would have probably gained back my original weight already

However I really think you can see how strong your mind actually is. Halfway through I was already telling myself it was ok to stop at 48hrs, and then all the weird symptoms started to surface.

When I tasted the food for the first time in 45 hrs, oh my gosh….. Food really tasted different. My body was rejoicing from every cell. I was so happy I was about to cry T.T It made me appreciate food so much….. and I also ate abit too much……


It was very eye opening experience, something that I’m glad to experience but WILL NEVER DO AGAIN


Something I did wrong was to not let our bodies get accustomed to low glucose level, we had like a huge feast before because we thought we might stay fuller longer. WELL NOPES. Try to have light healthy meals one day before you fast, it would be easier.

Also, if you are going to do the fast, you HAVE TO KNOW WHY YOU ARE DOING IT. Like if you are doing it to lose weight I can tell you don’t bother, however if you are doing to see the benefits after 3 days, I think you would succeed.

PLEASE DO NOT OVER DRINK WATER. It is highly possible to get water poisoning (when your blood becomes too thin) and it is fatal one ok? Everytime you feel hungry you will want to drink to make yourself feel full. It is recommended because water helps to cleanse your body, but please take less than 5litres a day.

PS: If you want to lose weight, go for fat freezing, they make your stubborn fats easier to burn. Fat Freeze and then gym. There is no other easier way out. FASTING IS SHIT

We documented our journey on video, and it will be out on YouTube soon. It’s gonna be worth watching me scream and cry LOL STAY TUNED TO THE VIDEO UPDATE!


Ming Shuang