Sichuan Hot & Sour Sweet Potato Noodles Opens Till 3am!

Imagine this.

It has been a rainy day, sweater weather. You’re in a foul mood, just because you are. It is late, 12am. And you are hungry, and the only thing that is going to make things right is some goodness to fill your growling stomach and soul.

And If I said think of one comfort food, what would it be?

Well, for someone like me who ABSOLUTELY LOVES a flavourful bowl, this would be my go-to stall to lift my spirits!


I KNOW RIGHT!?!?! Yup yup, you can thank me later~

Jin Jin Eating House | Sichuan Noodles

You could be easily addicted to this $5.50 Sichuan Sweet & Sour Potato Noodles 酸辣粉!Jin Jin Eating House 496 North Bridge Road S188739 (Bugis MRT)Opens daily from 4pm to 2am

Posted by Amosvsms on Monday, 19 March 2018