KANSHOKU RAMEN (Orchard Gateway)

Kanshoku” means “to finish eating all your food“.

How is it that any Japanese word sounds like a legit shop name. I mean, I could open a Ramen joint and name it “Hyōhaku tōhi” and no one would know it means “Bleached Scalp”… right??

Heard so much about the ramen here so…. decided to give it a try!

Super happy to know it was located on the ground level of Orchard Gateway, because I was running late (as usual) and I didn’t have to walk far! YAY! So if you’re always perpetually late when meeting your friends, here is a good spot to meet, because your “I’m reaching” white lies will never be exposed. 2 mins walk from MRT or Taxi stand/Drop-off point.

There were so many choices! Sorry for the bad menu photo. My friend took it for me to “ORDER FIRST CAN?” because I was late.

Decided to try the highly raved about Truffle Ramen(soup), Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen and Flaming Hot Tonkotsu Ramen.

OH! Did you know that you can actually request for the hardness of the ramen? If a ramen store does not accept such request you should leave at once because legit ramen stalls will know how to cook their ramen’s “AL DANTE – NESS” to your liking.

And of course I requested for my ramen to be hard. and long. I meant THE NOODLE of course 😉

So here (above) we have the Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen! It had a slight taste of wine? Well I am not a Ramen soup pro, so enlighten me if you must.

It wasn’t very spicy at all! But I suppose it is a good thing? Because if it was too spicy your nose would be blocked and you wouldn’t be able to taste a thing.

Soup was flavourful, salty and thick, noodles were al dante (whoop) but somehow I felt like it was a lot of noodles? I couldn’t finish my bowl! Or maybe I just have a very tiny stomach.

Verdict: 4/5 – Much better than a lot of Ramen places I have been to…. and some famous ones too.
$14.90 but after GST and SVC Charge it amounts to $19.90.


OK LET ME SAY when I first saw the name of the ramen I was expecting them to come out with a flaming torch to set the thing on fire and everything so I could capture that 10 seconds on my instagram story for some WOWS but nope. It just meant that it was waaaaay spicier than the other ramen haha.

I felt like it tasted kinda like instant noodles soup + chilli padi LOL NOT THAT IT IS A BAD THING (those who know me know I freaking love Monosodium Glutamate) but I guess for the price, I could make a similar one at home for $5?

It wasn’t as spicy as I thought it would be, but my friend felt like it was super super spicy……. I don’t know how to measure spice level because we all have different tolerance towards spice! So if you are curious, go try it.(She had this ramen the day before, complained it was spicy, but still craved for it??? AND CAME BACK AGAIN TODAY TO HAVE IT. Girls… hahahaha) 

Verdict: 3.5/5
$14.90 but after GST and SVC charge it amounts to $19.90

AND… Presenting to you the TRUFFLE RAMEN (Soup)

There is a dry version but I did not try it because… you can’t separate ramen and soup right?! LIKE RAMEN IS ABOUT THE NOODLES AND THE BROTH. Tell me if I am wrong. Ok wait. Don’t tell me, I hate having regrets.

Can I say. THIS WAS AMAZING. I was so scared the truffle taste would be too overwhelming and too “gerlat” (like when you eat too much cheese), BUT NO?? OMG IT WAS STRONG BUT LIGHT AT THE SAME TIME?! *Mindblown* I don’t know how to explain the taste.. You have to try it to understand – if you love truffle, that is. I used to tell my friends my teeth were itchy when I had braces and none of them understood until they had braces themselves. Yup, this is pretty much the same thing; you got to try it to KNOW WHAT I AM SAYING.

Verdict: 5/5 – If you know better truffle ramen out there, please tell me!!
$17.90 but after GST and SVC charge it amounts to $23.90.Egg was good, like how a ramen egg should be. Meat was average, not anything spectacular. A little disappointed at the limited selection of drinks AND I felt the drinks were really overpriced but they do serve water so I guess that would suffice if you’re okay with plain water.

If I ever do open “Hyōhaku tōhi”, I may need to poach their chef over to cook truffle ramen for my menu.

Orchard Gateway Outlet
277 Orchard Road, OrchardGateway #01-06, Singapore 238858
+65 6384 4770

Daily  11.00AM – 10:00PM
*They have other outlets too but this review is based on the food served at Orchard Gateway.

Ming Shuang
(Future owner of Bleached Scalp Ramen Joint)